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Insuree empowers both you and your insurance agents through technological insights so that you can make better-informed decisions, at the same time, boosting your agent's efficiency to attend to your needs better.


Digitize your policies.

No more uncertainty of what you have

Presenting you with a highly secured vault to digitize and store all your policies in one place. The best thing about it is that your existing insurance agents are able to help you perform this task from our agent interface. Enjoy convenience at your fingertips. 

Coverage gap analysis.

Have a clear overview of your present needs

It is good to know what you have. But it is better to know what you should have. Our system's analytics provide you with an overview of your coverage status in real-time and help you to take action to optimize your portfolio.


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“My family does not even know what policies they are paying for! Insuree helps me manage all of my family's policies in one place!"


Eugene N.

“With a clearer overview of my portfolio, my insurance agents are able to act faster to help me bridge crucial gaps and optimize coverage."


Jasmine S.

“I always hated the time needed to track and manage my insurance portfolio. With Insuree, it is so easy to focus on the key issues at hand."


Benjamin L.

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The top five questions people ask us.

What is Insuree?

Insuree is a 100% independent platform, we are not part of any financial advisory or insurance provider. Insuree aims to provide you with the most holistic insurtech platform, a single point of contact for insurance-related needs where you can purchase, view and manage all your insurance needs in one place. Insuree was founded for the betterment of the insurance market.

Is Insuree free for me? How is that possible?

Yes! Consumers can use Insuree absolutely free of charge. Our revenue comes from insurance companies & agencies for assuming parts of their customer service to optimise their efficiency while delivering you a better experience.

How can I digitize my policies into my Insuree account?

Simply provide your policy summaries to your insurance agent(s) as part of your annual review process, then grant your advisor(s) permission on our platform so they may digitize your policies on your behalf.

How is my data protected at Insuree?

The privacy of our customers is one of our highest priorities. Insuree is committed to keep all your personal information and data strictly confidential. In addition to the use of personal passwords, all your data is transferred to our servers using encrypted connections (SSL).

Does Insuree change any of my contracts, rates or coverage?

No. Digitizing your contracts does not change anything in your insurance coverage, services or rates. Insuree offers you the advantage of having your policies at hand and making changes — anytime, anywhere. You can also always count on the support of your authorised insurance agents on our platform.