The Insuree Story

From our perspective.

How it all started

Why insurance? Our founding team were in the season of our lives where we were married with kids, a house, a car and we loved to travel. We were concerned about our insurance coverage, whether we had enough to cover the needs of the family in the event of something unfortunate and we wanted to plan our finances for the future of our children.


It was at this time that we recognized the importance of insurance even more so. However, it was also at this point that we encountered problems. With policies from different insurers managed by different insurance agents, we had no clear overview of what exactly we had and how much we should have. We also realized that the insurance premiums that we were paying for were not optimized. This meant that we could have saved more on our insurance premiums and had better coverage.


We realized that insurance portfolio management is usually something that is easily taken for granted. This is due to the nature of insurance being a very low touch point product where after you buy it, you only think of it next when you meet with a situation that you need to exercise a claim. In addition, insurance policies in itself are highly complex, thus it becomes an absolute mess for policyholders like us to manage all our policies from general insurances to life, hospitalization, critical illness and more. It is no wonder even in a highly developed nation such as Singapore, a staggering 85% of Singaporeans are under insured.

By understanding the nature of the insurance industry, we recognized that a high tech system alone is not enough to tackle the problem. Therefore, we developed a system where we partner with the stakeholders that matter - insurance agents, to deliver a high tech and high touch experience to consumers.

Our vision.

Our big dream

With Insuree, we hope to revolutionize the insurance industry by providing a system to empower individuals to better manage their insurance portfolio by bridging the gaps between consumers, insurance agents and insurers with greater transparency and insights in a highly segmented market.

Why choose us.

Clear overview. Easy to use. Great interface.

Insuree was built with the consumer in mind, to provide a holistic insurtech platform, a single point of contact for insurance-related needs. Set the foundation by connecting to your insurance agents on our platform and they can help you digitize your entire insurance portfolio into our system for you to enjoy full visibility and instant coverage gap analysis. With greater insights, your insurance agents can then give you better advise and allow you to make better informed decisions, improving your customer experience.