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Insuree - Agent Manual

Optimize and build a sustainable insurance business in 3 easy steps!

Create your account.

Do input your real details and the email address that you use to correspond with your clients/prospects. The clients/prospects that you add to your Insuree database will be linked via these details where they will be able to grant you access to connect to their accounts.

Populate your database.

Connecting with your clients/prospects via the Insuree Platform is an essential step for you to start helping them manage their insurance portfolio and gain data insights so you can better serve new & existing customers to close more sales!

Digitize policies for your customers.

Under the coverage tab, you will see your prospects/clients' individual coverage gap analysis. The "Need" portion is derived from their answers in the insurance checkup and the "Have" portion is derived from the policies that you digitize for them. You will also receive notifications for all their policy status such as payment due or expiring.

Some additional tips

Holistic overview of each customer.

In addition to the visibility of your prospects/clients' immediate coverage shortfalls, our proprietary financial personality typing allows you to better understand your customers' needs and wants before crafting a customized approach.

Make sense of your customer's data.

By combining your customers' rich datasets and our data analytics algorithm, we allow you to quickly narrow down and prioritize your customers who are likely to make the next policy purchase so you are able to focus your attention and time to efficiently close the next sale.


You are now on your way to building a sustainable insurance business!

You have taken the first step to provide a better advisory experience for your prospects/clients and to help us bring back the value of insurance to consumers!

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