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Your intelligent management platform to optimize your sales process, up-sell to existing clients, and build a sustainable insurance business.


For The Modern Insurance Agent

Who is serious about their insurance business

Work smarter.

Manage your customers efficiently

Stop using multiple generic tools that have zero interaction with your clients and leads!


Our proprietary system features an interactive multi-facing system for you to connect, convert, and manage all your prospects and clients better. We are also able to help enhance your customer engagement with the right newsletter content.


Know your customer.

Personalize your data-driven approach

​Featuring our insurance-relevant personality typing for you to better understand your customers' needs and wants before crafting a customized approach to help them manage their insurance portfolio more effectively.

Tap into rich datasets to provide you with the know-how to better serve new & existing customers to close more deals!

Gamification edge.

Raise the bar of your customer's experience

It is the science of making something that is complex and has a low touchpoint engaging so you can influence your customer's behavior and empower them to understand and choose.

Increases your customer's engagement and keep them coming back. Creates an opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling. Finally, deepen your brand awareness.

What keeps us going!

What some agents on our platform have to say!

“My clients appreciate the value-added service that I am able to deliver with the Insuree platform. With it, I am able to be more focused on my sales generation."


David T.

“This is truly a Salesforce alternative for insurance agents. The team behind Insuree is a visionary one that takes feedback well and is constantly improving the platform for our benefit."


Rachel S.

“I am able to take greater ownership of my client database and help them optimize and bridge any existing gaps in their portfolio in a shorter amount of time."


Vicki L.

Insuree agent pricing.

Pays for itself many times over by converting customers for you


$9.90 / month

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Secure Policy Management

  • Coverage & Personality Overview

  • Data-Driven Insights

  • Active Notifications

  • API Integrations

+ Connect up to 50 users


$30 / month

  • Email Marketing Integration

  • Monthly Newsletter COntent

  • Surveys

  • Analytics

+ Up to 2000 users

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We are that confident in our solution that we are offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.*

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The top five questions agents ask us.

Is Insuree associated with any insurance company?

No. We are 100% independent, we are not part of any financial advisory or insurance company. Our team does not comprise of any practitioners in the insurance industry.

How is my data protected at Insuree?

We have invested and built our system on a highly secured cloud server. We believe that cybersecurity is of utmost importance in this time and age. The privacy of our customers is one of our highest priorities. Insuree is committed to keep all your personal information and data strictly confidential. In addition to the use of personal passwords, all your data is transferred to our servers using encrypted connections (SSL).

Does Insuree share any of our information or our clients?

No. We are PDPA compliant and we do not and will not release or sell your data to any other 3rd parties or other insurance agents. All your information and your clients are strictly restricted to your access only.

What are our immediate priorities?

We see that insurance agents play an irreplaceable role in the insurance industry and therefore we have decided to focus on partnering with you guys to better the insurance ecosystem and bring back the original value and purpose of insurance.

What are our long term plans?

As is our immediate priorities, we believe the best way for us to positively impact the insurance industry is to stay 100% independent and to provide a cutting edge platform for insurance agents to solve the 3 main customer service segments namely, pre-sales, post sales and claims. Our ambitious goal is to transform the insurance market in Southeast Asia region as a Saas solution.