Be Empowered & Covered.

As working adults, you work hard to provide for your aging parents and children. With Insuree, we ensure your hard-earned money is well managed when it comes to your insurance plans to help you save on premiums, optimize coverage, and have peace of mind.

Never be caught off guard regards to your insurance coverage ever again.

Make better-informed decisions every insurance purchase.


How Insuree Works For You

Connect with your agents

Interact and manage all your insurance agents in one place.

Digitize your policies

Have your insurance agents assist you to digitize all your policies across all insurance providers.

Clear Coverage Gap Overview

Know exactly how much you have and how much MORE you should have to make better informed decisions.

Interact With Your Insurance Agent

Connect with your insurance agents all in one platform!


Insuree empowers both you and your insurance agents through technological insights so that you can make better-informed decisions, at the same time, boosting your agent's efficiency to deliver quality customer service. 

Digitize Your Policies

Insuree provides you with a highly secured vault to digitize and store all your policies. The best thing about it is that your existing insurance agents are able to help you perform this task from our agent interface. Enjoy the convenience of having all your policies across all insurers stored at your fingertips. 

Coverage Gap Analysis

It is good to know what you have. But it is better to know what you should have. Our insurance checkup tool instantly allows you to have an overview of your coverage status in real-time and help you to take action to optimize your portfolio. 


Update your profile each time you experience a milestone in your life so you can easily track your coverage gap and have a peace of mind.

What our users are saying

“My family does not even know what policies they are paying for! Insuree helps me manage all of my family's policies in one place!"


“Insuree helps me to know exactly what I have and my shortfalls in order for me to make better informed decisions without overlapping products."

Jasmine - Executive at DBS


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