Are You Really Competent to Sell Virtually?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Insurance agents are currently facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to selling and connecting with customers online during the COVID-19 situation. Despite insurance agents thriving in a face-to-face environment, they are now transiting to virtual selling to overcome today's challenges.

Today, we will be highlighting the top 3 challenges insurance agents face when it comes to selling in a virtual environment.

1. Navigate through digital tools in aid of virtual selling

As virtual selling becomes the new norm, insurance agents will be met with deep learning curves with this abrupt transition. It would be naive for insurance agents to use a traditional in-person sales approach and expect it to work online. The need to leverage on digital tools to illustrate interest, concern and knowledge to their clients is paramount. Facing the technical complexity in the digital age of disruption, insurance agents need to navigate through digital tools in order to lead their sales process.

2. Engage and build customer relationships remotely

From our research, the most prominent issue clients are facing today is engaging and building customer relationships remotely. Virtual selling is tough with insurance agents facing difficulties connecting with customers, maintaining relationships, and closing deals remotely. While an abrupt transition can be met with deep learning curves, the biggest gains can be reaped in the long term when insurance agents are empowered to build relationships online and off.

3. Deliver a perfect virtual sales pitch

As an insurance agent, you may be skilled and experienced in selling, pitching, and having face to face meetings with your clients. However, that is not true for virtual selling. Insurance agents have to learn to deal with objections, the right time to pitch and sell, and master the pitch-perfect sprint to deliver the perfect virtual sales pitch to clinch the deal.

Increase Your Virtual Selling Competency

As it is our goal to always bring you value not just in tech, we found out our friends at VK Transformation have put together the Region’s First Virtual Selling Online Training Program that features 4 training modules that we think will help insurance agents adopt virtual selling attributes to perfect their virtual sales pitch.

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Content contribution: Vivien Koh, Sammi Chan, Sagar Roongta

VK Transformation is a marketing, sales & service management consulting firm that specializes in digital transformation and data analytics. 

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