Technology is a Means, Not an End!

Updated: May 30, 2020

If you follow any tech media these days, these are all the words you will see: blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, etc. It is already clear that in today's world, our lives are surrounded by technology and our reliance on it seems to be only on the rise. We use it for work, leisure, communication, to get the news, shop for groceries, manage our finances. The list goes on. However, the key is this, do not fall in love with technology possibilities but for the impact it can have on people's lives. Technology should be an enabler for people to accomplish their goals.

What We Want, May Not Be What We Need

The irony is that technology is changing faster than the needs of people. For years, we have been developing technology to make our lives more effective, eliminating the need for mundane tasks. However, we have reached a point where efficiency and automation are taken for granted. The availability of technology has made us more impatient, resulting in the deterioration of our attention span.

Humanizing Technology

As human beings, we still strive for human experiences, connections, and that empathetic emotional touch. We always will. This has made many in the tech industry to increasingly use the term “humanize”. By focusing on people's needs and pain points as humans and customers, our responsibility should only be about designing technology that works for humans.

Here we list down 4 reasons why today’s technology needs to become more human:

  1. Our Convenience - To be able to alleviate the pains of mundane tasks and improve efficiency.

  2. A Joy to Use - To make interfaces more personable to create pleasurable interactions.

  3. Trustworthy & Accessible Tech - To educate human users by explaining complex systems, to help foster trust in those systems.

  4. Accurate Reactions - To make technology better able to interpret and react to human responses.

Technology was always meant to be focusing on reducing the complexity of our daily lives instead of causing more complications. Therefore, Advancing technology needs to become more human-oriented to help us to simplify, assess, and filter. And that is how we have built the Insuree platform.

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