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Insuree - User Manual

Get clarity to your insurance portfolio in 3 easy steps!

Create your account.

Do input your real details and the email address that you use to correspond with your insurance agent(s). Your personal details are kept secure and confidential. It will not be shared with any unauthorized third parties.

Connect with your insurance agent(s).

Connecting with your insurance agent(s) via the Insuree Platform is an essential step for you to manage your insurance portfolio all in one place and at the same time to ensure reliable and consistent data between parties. Your primary advisor will be able to digitize and edit all your policy information across all insurers. Other advisors that you authorise as non-primary advisors would only be able to view and not edit your portfolio.

Complete your coverage analysis.

The Insuree platform's analytics provide you with an overview of your coverage status in real-time and help you to take action to optimize your portfolio.

Some additional tips

Discover your financial personality.

Uncover your personality in communication, risk & finance management. This is valuable information for you to elevate your financial portfolio management.

How to invite your insurance agent(s).

  • They can sign up for a free account at and add your details in their database section. Do note they have to key in the same email address you use for your account with us.

  • You will then receive a notification to grant them access for them to digitize all your policies from any insurance provider.


You are now on your way to having an efficient and organised insurance portfolio!

You have taken the first step to not only manage your insurance portfolio better but to also make well-informed decisions.

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